Nero Fiddles

My political views are very clear – I advocate God’s Rulership, yes I want to see Theocrasy based on the bible principles where words are promises, leaders are trusted and actions are required to be a citizen.

Nero is said to have fiddled as Rome burned. It doesn’t really matter whether it is true. What does count is the same disconnection between the ordinary person and the human elite rulers?

The chasm is great. Is Ukraine the prelude to a third world war? The answer is very simple, the path governments have chosen a path, people suffer and mothers weep for their sons and daughters but a climax to human rulership is on the horizon.

Apocolypse to Paradise

Throughout history people have promised that there is an end to humanity and civilisation. Those predictions are laughed at because times and prospective dates have been included. However, there is mounting evidence that human governments have now tipped the balance, the Apocolypse is looming.

Revelation chapter 6 introduces features that have been leaving this evidence for years:

Verse 1 – the rider on the White Horse – the resurrected Jesus Christ has been given his rulership with his enemies still functioning. He goes forward to conquer. He is the victorious warrior King.

Verse 3 – the rider on the Red or Fiery coloured horse takes peace away from the world, war is now common and the numbers dying in war are no longer limited to the soldiers but collateral damage affects everyone. Millions died in the 20th Century and the governments haven’t stopped wars.

Verse 5 – the rider on the Black Horse a world of poverty and riches existing and people controlled by market forces. The economics of this period of time have become perverse, those who work hard struggle to exist and those who are rich struggle to find purpose in their life.

Verse 7 – the rider on the Pale horse – death! by famine, warfare, deadly plague and every other means of taking life.

The prophetic picture vividly establishes the fact that we are pressed in at all sides. Three of the riders are there to remove hope but the first rider is going forth to conquer. Why? because it is time to liberate humanity, to resolve all the issues that prevent us all from enjoying life.

Verses 12 to 17 – human rulerships crumble before the Warrior King. They have no answers, they manage affairs from crisis to crisis. They look for someone to blame, Nero chose Christians, the world leaders will choose those who advocate that God’s Kingdom is the only hope for humanity.

The outcome of the Rider on the White Horse

Revelation chapter 7 reveals the next step in the salvation of those who put God’s Kingdom first in their lives. In verse 14 the survivors are identified as coming out of the “great tribulation” (the description of the war against God’s Kingdom), they prove themselves by their worship before the Throne. Yes, Theocrasy!

Verse 16 and 17 “They will hunger no more nor thirst anymore, neither will the sun beat down on them nor any scorching heat,17 because the Lamb, who is in the midst of the throne, will shepherd them and will guide them to springs of waters of life. And God will wipe out every tear from their eyes.”

The lesson

Political Rulers distract themselves from the inevitable outcome, astute individuals watch the events unfold, make certain they have moved to the winning side and warn others about the consequences of putting trust in human governments.

“Choose Life” The Fox commentator Larry Kudlow loves to say “Save America – kill the…” Human salvation is a consequence of informed choice – so “Save Humanity, choose life, embrace Theocrasy”

Study world events with an open Bible and an open mind and heart. Find Peace because you know what the future holds for us all.

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