Rhetoric and Reality

The words are tough but reality shows that the actions are weak.

One of my pet gripes links to healthcare researchers, they shout “we’re going to find the cure for…” you name it, cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc, but the truth is they find treatments and management packages.

Or organisations like the United Nations – the bastion of world peace who cries whenever there is violence around the globe, the words are harsh in the chamber but the reactions are weak.

Who is being Failed?

Everyone who believes these individuals and government bodies can make an impact, change society improve the way we live.

Here is the reality check. History teaches us that societies collapse because of self-interest, weakness in the face of a strong enemy and a lack of appreciation for the common people.

Is that how it has to be? Not at all!

God’s Kingdom offers a different way of life now! You don’t have to wait to benefit from the education system, the principles that guide business, commerce, families, individuals and society. Up to 20,000,000 people can testify to that globally. There are no boundaries or physical borders because they are learning the law of love.

Every year things in life change, people are pushed beyond what they can cope with. Yet the solution is directly in front of them. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself – find out what the bible says your future can be and how to improve the reality you live in now.

There are no simple answers because following the Bible standards is difficult that’s why so few have chosen the path but the rewards are incredible. Don’t miss an opportunity to change your life, open the Bible and let the content speak to you.

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