Why we need God’s Kingdom!

Let’s put it starkly, anyone looking at the triumphs of science with the COVID19 vaccine and the idea’s on ending the environmental issues of the planet can’t get passed the issues of the human family.

We have to put up with corrupt rulers, governments that cause the issues and problems – do you feel guilty about the emissions from your motor vehicle, remember that they contribute a fraction of the green house gases power plants, military installations, war planes and the development of infrastructure sponsored by governments and business.

If humans wanted to solve the issues of climate we saw what 3 months of no international travel achieved, limiting the production of so many products.

Human hypocrisy leaves us in no doubt they will never cure the root causes of the problems we face.

What about God’s Kingdom?

How frequently have Christians repeated the Model Prayer Matthew 6:9-11 – “Our Father in the heavens… Let Your Kingdom come!”

What are they praying for? The fulfilment of Rev 11: 18 – “But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

  • A time of judgement and cleansing.
  • A time for the dead to be given another chance
  • A time for those who fear god to receive the reward

Jesus gave Christians a command to Teach Others about that Good News of the Kingdom but notice what he also said in Matthew 24:14 “And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

So when we see and hear Christians promote the Good News of Gods Kingdom – dedicate millions of hours to that we know that it is almost upon.

Where should we look in greater detail? The new Bible Study course Enjoy Life Forever is the beginning of a rapid introduction to the Good News About Gods Rulership offering real freedom and hope.

Looking forward to the time when no one will say I am sick

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