How to Find The TRUTH

In these terrible times we are living in many people are turning to religion to find some sort of hope and comfort.

However, they are often finding there are so many differences of belief, almost a “pick ‘n’ mix” where you can suit yourself, as to what you want to believe, literally choosing what suits you.

So how can we find the truth?

Is there a true Religion?

When Jesus was on earth he made a simple statement about how to identify the true religion. He said at Matthew 7: 16 “by their fruits you will recognize them”

The Bible presents those identifying characteristics as:

  1. Teaches the truth based on God’s Word the bible, not on human philosophy or ideology. This includes the truth about the “Soul” (Psalms 37:29) and the hope of everlasting life on a paradise earth (Isaiah 35: 5,6)
  2. The true religion helps to know God – teaching his personal name Jehovah (Psalm 83: 18)
  3. Focuses on Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom as mankind’s only hope
  4. Promoting unselfish love and respect for all races and cultures (Acts 10: 34,35)
  5. the true religion is a way of life; its followers keep gods high moral standards in all areas of life and find joy in their worship.

These are just five points aspects of the true religion Jesus spoke of. The bible encourages us follow a religion not because it suits us and our lifestyle but that it is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of God James 1: 27.

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