Will you be a survivor?

The situation is perilous and there are so many reactions to what is happening around us it reminds me of the Titanic.

  • You had those who believed it couldn’t sink!
  • Those who resigned themselves to die!
  • Those who were trapped and had no way to safety!
  • Those who fought for access to lifeboats by denying access to others but ultimately lost their lives
  • The crew who had to go down with the ship if they weren’t in control of the lifeboats
  • The survivors

Survival was really a bit of a lottery. But what it highlights is the reaction to news of impending disaster.

  • Bury your head in the sands
  • Carry on regardless and take your chances
  • See the signs and prepare to survive.

There are many examples of understanding the signs and heeding warnings, none better than the threat of a Giant Tidal Wave (Tsunami). There have been examples where families have headed down for a day at the beach only to get there and find the tide has taken the sea a long way out, sometimes out of sight completely.

The Ocean Drawback before the wave

Vast amounts of new sand exposed aren’t a sign of freedom but disaster.

Knowing this phenomenon is a precursor to the superwave of water rushing towards them the ones who knew the sign turned and started running back to higher elevations and safety. They shouted warnings but others just stood and watched until it was too late. Then survival became another lottery.

Are we in that position?

Just reflect there are those that are saying things are going on as they always have, others who think we can’t avoid the fate of the planet and we just have to hope we’re not around to see the end. This list goes on.

However, reading the full account at Matthew 24: 2 through 22 we can see signs unfolding before our eyes. This world is unstable, hurtling to events beyond its control and those who live here are passengers.

There are life preservers and tools that we can use to ensure that we use them effectively. As a climber in the past I know it is easy to have all the right gear but if you have no knowledge of how to use it properly it is as useful as a chocolate teapot – looks great but the first sign of heat it’s gone.

We are facing a point in time where we can choose to be ready to survive or take a losing ticket in the life lottery.

What do we need to do?

Read the life saving information, just as you get on a plane and read the safety leaflet we need to read the Bible, it is the manual for those who want to survive.

Then what? We need to follow the instruction 2 Peter 3: 11, 12 “Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way, consider what sort of people you ought to be in holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion,12 as you await and keep close in mind the presence of the day of Jehovah,”

Holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion how do these separate us for the rescuers to see? Note 2 Peter 3: 14 Therefore, beloved ones, since you are awaiting these things, do your utmost to be found finally by him spotless and unblemished and in peace.

We are clearly marked for survival, that bright yellow toilet seat cover we have on (life vest) the whistle to attract and light to attract the rescuer’s attention.

Note the further words of 2 Peter 3: 17 “You, therefore, beloved ones, having this advance knowledge, be on your guard so that you may not be led astray with them by the error of the lawless people and fall from your own steadfastness.”

We have the warning the tide is a long way out, now is the time to prepare for survival not when we can see the wall of water because we won’t outrun it. Our lives depend on being visibly ready for survival.

Remember the world is lying in the power of Satan the Devil, he has no concern for you or I, for anyone of any age. But as you know the truth, heed the warning yourself you are compelled to shout the warning to everyone else.

Great ready to survive now and don’t wait for the lifeboats to hit the water it is far too late. Holding on to the wreckage of this way of life gives us no chance of survival.

How many can survive? As many as want to, the door to rescue isn’t closed until disaster is imminent.

Choose to Enjoy Life Forever and prepare for survival now.

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