How to End All Wars!

I was reminded yesterday during a round of the TV quiz Mastermind, that there is an impression that by removing all humans we could establish world peace.

Is that necessary? An end to war does not guarantee peace. The removal of borders, free travel, the global citizen doesn’t establish peace.

The solution to the problem of war requires that we get to the root of the issue. Humanity is driven by base qualities, for example, greed, prejudice, jealously, pride and sadly the desire for power.

To dominate others effectively government leaders restrict individual rights, increase accountability and take draconian sanctions on those who resist. Strength is used to break the citizen, propaganda feeds the insecurity and is used to cause fear that leads to agression. “We feel threatened, so we will fight to defend what is ours”

Why does it end in war?

The bible commentary on life indicates humans reach a point where they are not open to any agreement, they are headstrong, proud and superior. This view is supported by Religious Leaders, Politicians, Businesses and the Media and this influences public opinion and causes a response. Conflict!

Both sides draw lines and then find or create evidence of a breach. Agression is excused as defence and countries or tribes, people, families are fighting for freedom as liberator or defender. The result is thousands of people die.

The guiding idealology

It is often spouted that most democracies originate in Christian values, can that be true? For example Jesus didn’t grasp power even when it was offered on a plate! He repeated “happy are the peacemakers”, love of neighbour, and demonstrated that he was prepared to die so millions would have the chance to live.

The early Christians were known for being nuetral in politics, dying rather than take up arms against anyone, not just fellow Christians. The constant message in the New Testament is “seek peace” that doesn’t mean capitulation in conflict, it requires the commitment to be ready to die rather than fight because there is a war coming that Human Governments will wage with God’s King and they are envoys for that King.

Christianity is an idealology of peacemaking. Each of us aaccounts to God for our current behaviour, choices and actions. Those who choose to live by the sword, die by the sword.

The real War to end all War!

The dispute we are witnessing began more than 6,000 years ago, the protagonist is Satan who has a dispute with God and the pawns are Humanity and some spirit creatures.

The challenge is God has no right to rule humans, and we are better off pursuing our own interests. What is at stake though is much bigger, Universal rulership and the sanctity of God’s name – Jehovah.

Shortly there will be a final battle for corrupt human governments at what the bible describes as Armageddon Revelation 16: 16, this ends the human challenge.

The final battle in this war is described in Revelation 20: 7 to 10. We will have our personal chance tostand up for God’s Kingdom, if we reject that kingdom then we will with Satan lose.

Who Dies?

In the Ukraine today we see everyone is a victim, indiscriminate killing vividly recorded for TV news coverage. No one is safe. Now that is an issue.

However, Revelation explains that those fighting against God’s Kingdom are the ones who die. Those who do nothing to show they support his rulership, therefore, everyone has to make a stand, for peace or to fight God’s King.

Only those who fight against God’s King die, those of his subjects who follow the mandate to “see the salvation of Jehovah” will witness the end to war. See their neighbour as they really are, humans each of great value to God, to the point he allowed his son to give his life for a group of intelligent creatures to become so selfish that if they can’t get their way they will destroy everyone and everything in their way.

Choose life, understand the real issues and discover what youneed to do to Enjoy Life Forever!

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