“I just want to do something!”

This is such a common expression and this week millions of people are looking at world events and saying this.

Yet standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine safe in a European capital does not seem enough for so many. Can the issues of countries really be resolved by individual action? Surprisingly YES!.

Want can I do?

First, find out what is really happening to this world! We can only do something with real meaning if we understand the real issues and solutions.

The media is driven by those with opinions, those who want to justify their approach to the problem and the resolution.

Is the answer to take up arms and fight in the name of freedom? That has always been a futile gesture because we have the continuous cycle of poor decision-making by governments driven by greed, or fear.

So is it an excuse to do nothing? Because while good people or the majority do nothing bad things happen!

Advocacy for something Different

The Bible points to God’s Kingdom as the solution for us all, no artificial lines on the ground or walls and fences, nothing to separate individuals ideologically, culturally or spiritually. Why? because the battle is not ours to fight. It is with God’s forces against human governments.

Does God have the right to impose his will on us? Well for 2000 years Christians have prayed Let your kingdom come let your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.

The bible describes one war in heaven, it was short and decisive (Revelation 12) God’s enemy – someone who chose to oppose God’s leadership was ousted from heaven, soon the decisive battle on earth will be fought, the governments have already begun to line up against God’s Kingdom and soon they will take a stand in opposition to his King.

The End Game

The art of Chess is to understand what you really control and where the weaknesses of your opponent are exposed. Satan, the governments of the world are involved in playing the next move not realising the match is already lost.

So the Bible has predicted the next moves in this complex period, the power play by Satan and his forces failed to see that the defence he attacks is not weak but strong, it conceals the greatest offence in Universal history.

It is time to open your eyes as the spectator and realise that our only option is to wait for the End Game, it will come very quickly, like playing against my father when he would say 3 move checkmate and it was too late for me to adjust.

Look for the End Game, understand there are sides to choose and decide that you are going to back the winner.

There aren’t any links on this post because those who read it need to find their way.

I am a writer, a Christian and I serve with the knowledge that God’s Kingdom is the real salvation and right now support those suffering but remain neutral, human politics leads to failure.

Choose Life and study the bible.

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