Where is the compassion?

Doesn’t it intrigue you, how one person can order the invasion of a country and thousands take up arms to follow that through?

I wonder how we would feel if we were told by someone we didn’t know to walk into the neighbours property and take it from them by force if necessary and with the ultimate sanction, take their lives?

If you stopped 100 people on the street and asked the question, what response would you get? I’m certain very few would just say yes, not a problem just say when.

War – isn’t the solution

War can be essential but it is never the solution. For example, the war at or of Armageddon isn’t the solution, rather it is the Government that follows in the hands of Jesus. We are ushered into a period of peace that will heal humanity.

So what happens to those in Russia who refuse to follow the political leadership, we know political adversaries are captured, imprisoned and occasionally killed. What of ordinary school teachers, municipal workers, welders and farmers?

In Russia those who stand out as different, who demonstrate true compassion for their neghbour they are labelled extremists, tried as anti-government terrorists, their property is seized, they are frequently imprisoned, they are no longer allowed to work and they are stripped of their human rights.

Compassion – is lacking

A love of life and of humanity means that we look at suffering and feel churned up, many prompted to give money and time to support displaced people thousands of miles away. Yet we continue to watch through the eyes of the media at situations where the ordinary people are caught in the crosshairs of government ego. This Satanic control has led to individuals putting their rights, their country and their fear of death ahead of the lives of others.

Think about Jesus – he felt pity for the crowd, he didn’t raise an army, he healed them, fed them, taught them and asked them to view carefully the options. Then he gave his life voluntarily so that billions could be saved.

Are their many leaders who are willing to save their people by giving their life? They may fight shoulder to shoulder but even when they are all gone no one is better off. Jesus’ legacy improved the lives of his followers and we have the chance to replicate this in our lives today.

Find out more about those prisoners of conscience – those who will not take up arms to further the objectives of the country’s leaders. They are ordinary people who have a deep faith and they exercise it everyday

Imitate the King of god’s kingdom and show real compassion – this world is passing away, we are on the brink of a new start be a part of that start by Choosing Life – Live Forever, how? Study the Bible.

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