Will Terrorism Ever End?

In all parts of the world we are affected by terrorism, by those who threaten violence against others to pursue their ideology.

Sometimes these violent attacks are committed in the name of religion and to promote God’s Will. But can that be right? Would God approve of the indiscriminate destruction of human lives?

We have to ask how does the Creator of humankind feel about this?

Biblical History

The Bible clearly presents the creator as one who hates violence. Psalm 11: 5 states “Jehovah examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one; He hates anyone who loves violence.” (You may have been taught something different and that is why we need to investigate the truth)

Jesus rebuked his followers for seeking to save him the use of the “sword” on the night of his arrest and he makes a true statement when in Matthew 26: 52 he is quoted as saying “those who take up the sword will perish by the sword”.

Biblical Reality

The evidence presented in the bible demonstrates that God does care about all who suffer because of these violent acts.

The promise is made that his Kingdom will eliminate violence and establish.

Note the words at Psalm 37: 11 “But the meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” Peace is more than the absence of war and the threat of terror, true peace heals the people who benefit from just rulership.

Note the benefits:

  • End of warfare
  • End of terrorism
  • End of fear
  • End of trauma
  • End of death

Note the words at Isaiah 65: 11 “For look! I am creating new heavens and a new earth; And the former things will not be called to mind, Nor will they come up into the heart.” How comforting these words are to those affected by the distresses of this modern age.

God’s Kingdom Rule which the bible promises is soon to come he can also bring back to the dead, giving them a chance to enjoy real peace and freedom.

For more information about why God has allowed such suffering to carry on and when it will please follow the link to Why Does God Allow Suffering?

And the exciting new bible study course “Enjoy Life Forever”

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