The Creation of Humans

Humanity always portrays itself as the pinnacle of intelligent life on earth. We don’t see the intelligence of other kinds of animal life as competition. Even if these are more effective hunters.

It is almost as if the animals stopped evolving – if you accept the concept of random development and the survival of the fittest.

We take it as read that no other life form will challenge humans for management of the earth. Why when their existence is threatened by the actions of Humanity aren’t the powerful species tackling the issues of climate change, poor land management and ignorance?

Simply explained, they can’t!

If power and strength were all it takes then animals would have taken over long ago.

Does it matter what you believe?

The Creation Account

The Bible’s creation account establishes that Humans have a duty of care toward the planet and life on it, note the words at Genesis 1 : 27 and 28 “And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.28 Further, God blessed them, and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving on the earth.”

A large responsibility for the final creation, to look after the planet and the life on it. Evidence has shown the earth has the capacity to self renew through the cycles of the natural world. The air is scrubbed and cleaned, water is distributed across the globe and life can exist in the high places and depths of the sea.

Only as Humanity has wandered farther away from its role has the imbalance threatened the existence of life on this planet.

Humans rejected the role and wanted more, the right to determine everything even the things they did not understand. Human experience demonstrates just how poor we are at governing the impact of our so call progress.

This rejection of role led to an adjustment and made the continuance of life a struggle, again note the words of Genesis in chapter 9: 1through 3 “God went on to bless Noah and his sons and to say to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth.2 A fear of you and a terror of you will continue upon every living creature of the earth and upon every flying creature of the heavens, upon everything that moves on the ground and upon all the fish of the sea. They are now given into your hand.3 Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. Just as I gave you the green vegetation, I give them all to you.”

So we became the great threat, to our existence and all of the life on this planet. Not content with the damage we have caused here science is looking at colonising space. How ridiculous, damage one planet and then think we can create a habitation that sustains life indefinitely.

Creation has real hope

Doom and gloom, “we’re all going to die in a ball of fire – that’s what the bible says”. This is the response of those who have had look but not focused on the hope and the conditions of salvation.

I’m intrigued by people who need to be rescued who want things done on their terms. I write from experience, in a situation where several lives were involved a couple of people wanted the rescuers to listen to them. They failed to understand that in a tunnel with one end blocked and only one way out you have to follow the skilled direction.

Humanity believes it has the right to determine how it will be saved. Here’s some news, those who don’t follow the escape plan will be left. The rescuers know once everything collapses there isn’t anytime to offer an alternate route and those who didn’t accept the help have made the choice to die.

Stark the choice is ours. Note the words at Revelation 11: 18 “But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

Humanity will wage war with the rescuers and oppose the only means of salvation. Why are the rescuers intervening? Because humans are ruining the earth. The final creation (so everything else was here before us) the custodians of the planet are destroying and the creator has to take steps to protect the planet and the rest of creation.

COVID19 has shown how quickly the planet adjusts, however, the global temperature rises have consequences that will take time to resolve. It is as if the planet has become hostile towards humans because we are destroying it. A little like the “Forbidden Planet”.

So what next? Heed the counsel at Proverbs 22: 3 “The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.”

And Proverbs 13: 16 “The shrewd person acts with knowledge, But the fool exposes his own foolishness.

We know the dangers we face, we have an escape route, it isn’t easy but it has an experienced rescue worker to lead those who want to escape so it is time to plan now before the final tipping point.

We can enjoy life as the Creator planned if we accept the offer of rescue, if we’re determined to fight the rescuers then we have to accept the consequences.

Study the positive message contained in the Bible – request a visit from someone who can explain what the Bible Really Teaches

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