True Peace through Gods Government

End of Prejudice

One of the things Gods Kingdom or government will accomplish is the end of prejudice. We all know how human life is plagued by this on all sorts of levels – racial, social, economic, gender, religious… the list goes on.

What would a government need to do to change individual attitudes to end prejudice?

There are 4 major steps:

  • Motivate people to want to change;
  • Heal the wounds thus ensuring equality is natural;
  • Have leaders that treat everyone fairly;
  • Unify people of all nations.

Only God’s Government Can achieve this!

This is because it can reach the individuals heart. Let’s review:

  1. It can teach people what is right, to be right Isaiah 32:17 says “…the fruitage of true righteousness will be lasting tranquillity and security.”
  2. Only God’s Government can end all of the suffering caused by injustice, Revelation 21: 4 states “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
  3. God’s Government will provide fair and impartial judgement over all of the earth. Notice Isaiah 11: 3, 4 which reports “And he will find delight in the fear of Jehovah. He will not judge by what appears to his eyes, Nor reprove simply according to what his ears hear. 4 He will judge the lowly with fairness, And with uprightness he will give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth And put the wicked to death with the breath of his lips.” this refers directly to Jesus role as King of that Government
  4. The Citizens of God’s Kingdom will have real unity, not simply a veneer, it is based on their love for God and love for each other as described at Philippians 2: 2 “make my joy full by being of the same mind and having the same love, being completely united, having the one thought in mind.”

This Government that Jehovah God has promised is going to bring real peace to the earth. To find out more about this government please refer to (adjust the setting for your language requirements)

To review the specific blessings promised by God’s Kingdom use your personal copy of the Bible and use the study aid “Enjoy Life Forever” study point 2 The Bible Gives Hope provides the detailed introduction to God’s Kingdom.

Additional support is available request a one to one tutor in your language to support your personal bible study.

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