The Bread of Life

We are still living in very difficult times, the pandemic affects are impacting in every part of the world.

However, at this time of the year much is said about the death of Jesus. Religious people hail him as the saviour of the world and recognize that he died for everyone of us.

But how can this be so? How does the death of one person 2,000 years ago offer hope and salvation to you and me?

The Ransom

Briefly, humanity lost the specialist position it had with God when our first parents rejected him. To say they sinned is too simplistic – Adam like Satan the Devil Rebelled against God. He took a stand that affected you and I, those effects are impacting on us today.

The deliberate act of disobedience left us all making decisions for ourselves with little or no guidance. This is the origin of sin. As Adam’s direct descendants we are separated from God. To balance the scales of justice Jehovah God provided a ransom in exchange or a payment for this sin. This had to be the same value as Adam – what he paid for his independence from God. A perfect Human who willingly chose to serve God in the face of extreme pressure and temptation. Adam suffered after his rebellion, Jesus because of Adam’s rebellion. Perfect Life for Perfect Life

Jesus Christs’ sacrifice

  1. is a payment for sin – 1 Cor 7: 33 “You were bought with a price; stop becoming slaves of men”.
  2. a release from suffering – Col 1: 14 “by means of whom we have our release by ransom, the forgiveness of our sins“.
  3. the value corresponding value – Rom 5: 19 “For just as through the disobedience of the one man many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one person many will be made righteous”.

The annual commemoration of this sacrifice made by Jesus is March 27 after sunset where you are.

We warmly invite you to join the more than 20 million already committed to attending this event. To find the closest location to you please follow this link, or find the broadcast in your own language.

This year the commemoration is being held via Zoom to join the attendees you will need to contact one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who will provide you with the information you require.

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