Why did Jesus die for me?

I know my flaws, errors and failings. I am aware that even when I don’t intend to be mean I am. As the apostle Paul says I am at war with myself.

Does this make me irredeemable?

Pauls heart warming words at 1 Timothy 1: 15 “This saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Of these, I am foremost.” I would say we all feel that we run him a close second, maybe even a photo finish.

Jesus Died for Sinners!

It is interesting that when Jesus spoke to the Jewish Religious and political leaders they understood themselves to be above the people, superior, righteous and pious, not that they weren’t sinners but they weren’t SINNERS like everyone else.

The Christian who somehow feels superior to others fails to understand that knowing we sin in just one point separates us from our God and we need redemption as much or even more than others. Simply because we know how we should behave.

To illustrate – on a public road where the speed limit is 40kph but there aren’t any signs to say that the locals know, a visitor hasn’t seen signs doesn’t know the area and is caught in the speed trap doing 60kph, at the same time a local is caught in the speed trap going at 70kph. Who is more culpable?

The same in life, once we are aware we are sinners, we recognize the need for a ransom, someone who can compensate for our sins until we are taught to be perfect.

John 3: 16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.”

That single verse changes our prospects of life, look at the true sentiment, God (Jehovah) is a aware of our sins, yet he provider a ransom in his son who came to earth to die for those who accept the sacrifice and put faith in him.

Jesus died once for all of us. That death isn’t a free pass to sin as much as we want rather it requires us to try harder not to sin.

Love of god and neighbour are our two basic principles in life.

So how do we recognize the meaning of his sacrifice? We need to learn from Jesus understand how his life and ministry, death and resurrection are the real answer to our human issues.

So start with the value of his sacrifice – next week globally the discourse Have You Found a “Pearl of High Value”? [This event will be held virtually. To learn more, ask one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or visit www.jw.org.] Just how much are we prepared to surrender for the opportunity to secure this treasure. It is followed by understanding how Jesus explained his sacrifice and you are invited to join the more than 20,000,000 individuals globally for the Memorial of Jesus’ Death on Saturday March 27 – the local memorial is a virtual event – to find out more:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert: Because of the pandemic, this event will be held virtually. To learn how to connect to this event, ask one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or follow this link

Then come to understand what Jesus meant in his prayer at John 17: 3 “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.”


Please stay well, stay safe and remember COVID is a gift we just don’t want to pass on to others so don’t be in too great a hurry to get back to normal.

May Jehovah God bless your desire to find out more about his son, the sacrifice and his love for humankind.

We enter a new period of reflection with over 6,100,000 deaths and waras across the world. Never has there been a greater need for the truth of why Jesus died for us – yes we have a choice God’s Kingdom or more misery following men – join us to find out more April 15 2022

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