What Next?

Everyday something changes and people are being pushed to limits they thought were beyond them. The isolation and suspicion – neighbours spying on neighbours, people are insecure.

Can any government change the outcome of this pandemic? Yes the one we all pray for.

Let’s look at one principle Matthew 7: 12 “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them.”…


The element of this principle is we have to do this first – so when we look at this current situation we need to ask what is the last thing we personally want to be exposed to? The idea that someone would look at their business or personal wealth is more important than life sums up what we face.

The Christian is looking at ways of preserving life and ensuring the safety of others. So how far should we be going to to save lives?

The businesses of the world and media call for more government intervention and leadership and yet the moral stance for every Christian remains the same – SAVE LIVES.

A simple priority – respect others enough to want to see them survive the crisis.

Government Failures

The media and politicians are quick to blame the Government but truthfully whatever the government does it isn’t their responsibility to protect lives. It is our personal responsibility and we need to appreciate the lockdown has only happened because of the lack of care and concern people have for one another.

Today the world went passed 2,000,000 deaths. Also 100,000,000 people have contracted the virus as confirmed cases, potentially millions more have and the reason for the transmission? The priorities are wrong, governments are forced to balance risk with economics. In the UK the number who die isn’t really a concern it is to manage the scale of pressure on the National Health Service.

The Solution

For 2,000 years we have specifically been taught to pray for it. Gods Kingdom the Government that will resolve all of human kinds problems – find out more, study Jesus words and come to understand the time we live in.

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