The End of Suffering

Contributed by ET

The bible tells us that suffering will only end when God’s Kingdom is ruling this earth.

Jesus showed his followers through a series of miracles just what blessings his Fathers Kingdom will bring. These included restoring health, providing sufficient food, even raising the dead.

His followers though wanted to know when this would happen – so he gave them signs to look for. These signs would be like a fingerprint identifying the last days refer to Matthew chapter 24; Luke chapter 21;

Matthew 24: 7 states that “Nation will rise against nation”. The primary example of this occurred in 1914 when war broke out on a scale that had never been previously seen. The “Great War” or World War 1 is often referred to as the turning point in modern history because we have continued to see civilians affected by the catastrophic actions of the armies who fight. The collateral damage and continuous warfare are a clear sign of the time Jesus refers to.

“Earthquakes” Not just earthquakes but “Great Earthquakes” are a part of the fingerprint. We have witnessed the devastating effects of these events on local people.

“Food Shortages” These are occurring worldwide due to war, extreme weather, pandemics, poor government management which results in the poorest of society having little or no access to nourishing food and clean water.

“Disease and Epidemics” Sadly today we are witnessing the return of diseases and the emergence of new lethal and debilitating effects, illustrated by the global impact of COVID 19 which has taken more than £1,000,000 lives.

“A Worldwide Preaching Work” Jesus specifically mentions in the Gospel signs that the “Good News of God’s Kingdom will be preached. Today we know that this “Good News” is available in over 1,000 languages and accessible in more than 240 lands and islands of the globe. Truly and modern miracle.

This “fingerprint” the “Signs” are a clear indication that Gods Kingdom is near!

To discover more of the wonderful benefits of that Kingdom rule please refer to “What can the Bible Teach Us?” Chapters 8 & 9.

Contact Jehovah’s Witnesses to discuss the evidence of the Kingdom in action today by requesting that someone call or complete the online lessons that focus on clear Bible Teachings and follow the explanation of the scriptures in your copy of the Bible.

As this “Fingerprint” becomes more visible there is a clear consequence for those seeing but not understanding the sign. Study the Bible answers to all the really big questions that religions say are a mystery because God hides nothing from those rightly disposed to the truth. (Acts 13: 48)

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