Where are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Since the Lockdown we have not seen the Witnesses on an y of the main streets or calling at our homes, so have they given up? Has COVID19 achieved something that Hitler, Stalin, Putin and some many other governments has been unable to do. Silence Jehovah’s Witnesses!

The decision to protect lives

In March 2020 the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses took the decision to suspend all public meetings and their public ministry to reduce the risk of infection. When the governments relaxed the restrictions the Governing Body decided that based on the evidence presented recognized that the risk hadn’t reduced and the meetings, public ministry would remain suspended until at least the new year.

Does that mean they stopped preaching and teaching? or meetings and assemblies?

Never! The Ministry goes on, the international letter writing, phone contact and personal ministry continues at an increased pace.

The Meetings and Assemblies have been managed since the lockdown and restrictions through online conference calls with large meetings for hundreds running at the regular time. The Public are welcome. So contact your local congregation via JW.org which is available in hundreds of languages.

Increased Activity

November will see a Global Campaign that highlights the only solution to the issues and problems that face us all. Yes God’s Kingdom! that millions pray for every day. Matthew 6: 9 the Lords prayer.

What will that Kingdom Achieve? Can the national Governments thwart Gods Purpose? Where do we stand on accepting Kingdom rulership, advocates or do we support human rulership?

What did Jesus mean when he said “My Kingdom is no part of this world”? Millions of those with a faith in God fail to recognise that Kingdom and the impact it has on their future. Have you considered what is likely to happen to those who oppose God? It can’t end well.

More active than ever

Every Jehovah’s Witness is making this time count, activity has increased, because people are asking what is going to happen? Why is this happening? Is this God’s revenge? and millions are without hope.

Your life and my life depends on our personal decision to follow that kingdom or ignore the impending face off. It won’t end well for the feeble humans who like an ant on a road try to stop oncoming traffic. In the future there will be nothing left to remind survivors of them.

Are you Marked for Survival by Gods anointed King – there is still time to act.

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