Why Do We Suffer?

Another in the series – “Will Suffering End?”

At some point in our livesall of us are affected by tragedy, illness, death of loved ones, and unforeseen events. Like everyone around the earth at the moment, due to COVID19 and accidents, bad weather, natural disasters, war and violence we cannot escape suffering. This prompts many to ask:

Why do these things happen?

  • Some put it down to Fate – things we have no control over. Others
  • Karma, this is punishment for previous sins.
  1. Is this reasonable?
  2. Were we meant to suffer?
  3. Does our suffering prove that God doesn’t care for us?

Let’s turn to the source of understanding provided by God as religion explains. The Bible definitely states that God created humans to enjoy life. Note the words at Ecclesiastes 3: 12, 13: “I have concluded that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good during their life,13 also that everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment for all his hard work. It is the gift of God.”

No mention of suffering there and this is not an isolated verse, look at the words of chapter 5: 18, 19 and Isaiah 65: 21, 22. Certainly the most coherent source of God’s purpose has to be his word.

So what changed?

It is simply explained in the bible. The first two humans decided to choose independence from God and they wanted to “do their own thing” “go their own way”. Which free will allows them to do, however that choice was made for all their family to follow.

That first human couple chose independence from God the source of life as a result they brought suffering and death to all of Humankind.

It is the same as making a choice that affects your unborn children, exposing them to a genetic defect that only gets pass down with each new generation until someone makes a difficult choice or a cure is found.

So the consequence of this first poor choice is explained in Romans 5: 12 “That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned” This inherited trait leads to suffering and death.

So we need a cure and the only cure that can be offered is by God because he is the source of life and he set a value on our lives Romans 3: 23, 24 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,24 and it is as a free gift that they are being declared righteous by his undeserved kindness through the release by the ransom paid by Christ Jesus.”

What does this achieve?

Only Jehovah God can address the causes of suffering. This is achieved by his Kingdom that is described as a real government over the whole earth, note the promise at Revelation 21: 3, 4 “With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them.4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

Find out more about God’s promises for our future then follow the link to JW.ORG (available in 1,024 languages so share the information with friends and family anywhere in the world.)

Looking for the answer to What Is God’s Purpose for US? or a free copy of the Bible to download and read or read online choose from this selection or looking for someone to explain what God’s promises are for you and your family request a visit (it may be virtual at the moment but you will be contacted personally).

The truth of God’s care and promises for you and your family (the human family world wide) is clear and now the bible is the place for comfort for all those who are searching for real answers to why there is suffering.

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