Understanding Hope

Without hope life is just a matter of existence. To find meaning in life is the first part of developing an understanding of what real hope is.

So what is the meaning of life? it has to bigger than just being born, producing children and gaining just enough knowledge to conclude that we need many life times to understand just a little of the potential only to die. The end of our existence, returning to ash.

How brutal! That just isn’t what we want or desire. We all look at doing everything we can to live longer, make life better for ourselves and others we care about. Time is remorseless and as it passes we grow older, infirm and eventually lack the physical capacity to carry on. However, without illness our brain has the capacity to continue for years, storing information and knowledge.

Have you asked “What hope is there for us?”

The infinite capacity to learn must tell us something. If we evolved our brain is an unnecessary extravagance of cellular development.

So should we be looking for a realistic view of why we have such capacity? Should we be asking if I acknowledge this does this provide the basis for hope?

Is there a Creator?

Check why we can be certain that we can start exploring the role the creator played in human existence.

Biologists have spent decades studying human genetics and the detailed instructions embedded in the amazing DNA molecule. Note the comments in the link below:

Where Did the Instructions Come From?

Have you ever considered just how fit for life the planet is, or our bodies review the publication Was Life Created? It asks and answers the questions that have been posed.

Hope is a product of knowledge, understanding and learning from Bible. With this understanding Humanity can begin to understand what hope the creator has provided.

To discover more, study the bible online, read the bible and ask those questions because without hope there is no reason to continue existing because we make no long term difference to anything.

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