Understanding the mean of life

Are you searching for the meaning of life?

Is there any reason for human existence?

Can we really influence society for the better?

These are some of the big questions we all get to ask in our youth and rarely find a satisfactory answer from philosophy, religion or society. We didn’t ask to be born. SO some say our only purpose is to keep the species going. To ensure that humans are the dominant predator.

And yet… is that really enough? can the brain really have evolved to use a fraction of the capability and capacity? were the eyes solely for hunting? taste simply so we can tell what might be poison? or the DNA and RNA link so fabulously just because some random pattern of chance occurrences manipulated amino acids into complex arrangements?

The more questions we ask the less satisfactory the answer become unless we explore the alternative Genesis 1: 1, possibly the most ridiculed verse in the bible – In the beginning GOD created…

The science leaves a great deal to be desired.

We’ll consider more of this in the coming days.

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