Science a real hope

The bible doesn’t go into detailed facts regarding Science but when it does the bible is always scientifically accurate.  However, it is sometimes said that the bible was changed to fit the discovery.  This is not possible.

For instance, with the Covid-19 virus, we have become familiar with the spread of disease and the need for social distancing to prevent others from getting it.  When the Israelite’s were thought to have had a disease that could be passed on to others they would have to quarantine themselves until the disease had gone.  They would then have to wash themselves and their clothes before they could come back into society. 

The first records of quarantining were during the Middle Ages when sailors were forced to stay on ships to prevent the Black Death spreading.  The bible had this method recorded for 2000 years at that point.

People in ancient times had ideas that the earth stood on the back of giant turtles and elephants.  However, Job 26:7 “He stretches out the northern sky over empty space, Suspending the earth upon nothing.”  3000 years later Sir Isaac Newton began discovering the laws of gravity, the force that keeps everything in the universe in place. Only 50 years ago humans first managed to get pictures of the earth hanging in space

Also, take the water cycle.  It is referred to often in the Old Testament of the bible.  You can find it in Job 36:27-29, Isaiah 55:10, Ecclesiastes 1:7 and Amos 5:8.  The first scientific published paper regarding the water cycle was in 1580CE by Bernard Palissy, who is credited as the discoverer of the modern theory of the water cycle and was elaborated on by Leonardo DaVinci.  However, 2500 years earlier it was recorded in the bible. 

For more information see the video “How Can We Be Sure the Bible Is True?”

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