The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

2022 Update

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


My personal journey began as a teenager. I had been raised in a Christian home, with all the associated issues. However, I was fascinated by science, the idea that humans were an improvement on the lower order of animals was enthralling.

Teachers explained it was modern thinking, science-based on the rational mind applying the evidence of observation, experimentation and the fossil record.

A light went on

Anaximander taught 2500 years ago about evolution. It was nothing new – check for yourselves Anaximander.

So why was I being told something in science that wasn’t based in fact? Then I discovered that the modern theory could be traced to 1809, Charles Darwin and his grandfather had joined a group of intellectuals who had decided that moral accountability was unnecessary.

The books and reasoning (which I have read) were flawed, spurious and specious at best and complete fiction if tested. The observational inaccuracies were noticeable to a teenage mind. So my question wasn’t is creation a truthful account but why were so many people prepared to believe something they had obviously never investigated?

The Light – Hans Christian Anderson – The Emperors New Suit of Clothes.

Social Change and Breaking Free

The 19th century witnessed many societal changes. We saw the moral outrage at slavery, people being sold and viewed as less than human because of the colour of their skin, or their heathen belief system.

The hypocrisy of the Christian Churches was being exposed. Ordinary people were reading the bible in their language and discovering that they had been deceived. The greatest act that establishes the veracity of the Bible is the preservation and translation of the books into common languages. Now available in part or whole in over 1000 languages. (You can download a free copy here).

Breaking free of the Church had two outcomes:

  • The intellectuals could let their imagination run riot.
  • The enquiring mind could research the bible and find the Truth about God.

So I began asking deeper questions, researching, now to the point where it forms 30% of my working life (I’m a writer-researcher)

The First Big Question

Why does it matter what we believe about the origin of life?

Evolutionary theorist must accept that we are heading to the eventual self destruction of the humans. Life is now unsustainable, that tipping point was reach at least 70 years ago. So what is the point? Why perpetuate humanity when we know we no longer have any control of what happens to us? Is there a reason or purpose to life? Why do we bother with society and laws, we aren’t really accountable to anyone for our actions? We have no reason for hope! In those immortal words of Fraser in “Dad’s Army”: “We’re doomed”.

For those who are searching for an understanding of the world, universe and life then asking the questions about a creative force and designer we come to conclusion we must ask “did the creator do all of this to allow a pathetic organism to ruin the plan”?

Creating is an action driven by something more than idle curiosity. Ask any inventor, artist, artisan or crafts person why? You’ll get a 1000 different reasons but you will get a reason even if it was “I just wanted to”.

So ask the question: Why would the creator want to create a universe, life and humanity? Is there a clear, coherent answer? Would knowing that answer gives us hope and direction? My personal search and research has led me to believe the answer is YES!

So what am I encouraging everyone person to do? The world is in the grip of a pandemic and people are frightened (rightly so – anyone of us could die as a direct result of it) not certain where to look.

Begin by looking at the books the intellectuals, academics and ‘influencers’ encouraged you to reject. I read the bible and other books, then I studied the bible. If you don’t know how to study the bible here is a simple introduction you’ll find online “lesson 1 About The Bible” (the lessons are free and at your own pace)

Today I am confident that we should not fear for the continuation of life or this planet but we face a personal choice. That personal moment of turning your own study lamp on is so important, it is a matter of hope or despair

2022 The World has Changed

It is odd how things have developed since the first in the series of these posts. Governments have fallen, millions have died and every day has its own new anxieties.

Yet the big questions remain the same and the big answers are there to be found.

So how has life been for you? Most have lost someone they love, had to face health issues, economic hardship and the current fears of political insanity that could lead to global war.

The past two years do demonstrate we should expect a war it isn’t limited to the physical world but spirit creatures are involved. Run through the journey again Anaximander to Salvation is the best description I can think of.

So I wanted to repost the first article and invite everyone to look at where we are now and ask is this where I should be?

Here is an online multimedia Bible Study Tool Enjoy Life Forever there’s no cost and your download is anonymous. Enjoy available in 1,057 languages

Yes, you can answer the big questions and the support is available at no cost.

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